Monday, May 9, 2011

The idea behind Lanzarote on Foot

I've lived in Lanzarote since October 2009 and during that time, I've walked all round the coast, and up many of the accessible mountains. Some of the walks I've done are taken from various guide books, others were just a case of looking at the map and going for it.  I hope eventually to complete my circumnavigation, and climb all the mountains!  Sometimes I walk alone, (although nowadays only in the places frequented by others!) sometimes with one or two friends, and sometimes with the walking group of which I'm a member.

I intend to start off by recounting some of my more recent walks, and then, as the mood takes me, recall earlier ones,  using photos to illustrate the descriptions.  I may also write themed posts based on what I've seen to link into Sepia Saturday