Monday, July 4, 2011

The Last Lap

Yesterday, I finally finished my circumnavigation of the coast of Lanzarote.  It's taken me about 44 hours, spread over the last 20 months, interspersed with many other walks. Originally I had no plan, just doing various stretches of the coast as the fancy took, but I eventually realised I could join them all up and complete the circumnavigation.  I intend to write up the walks at some time, but I'll just describe yesterday's walk in this post.

We walked from the Jameos del Agua to Orzola (at the very north of the island) and back, a total of about 12 miles unfortunately all along the road, because there is not a viable footpath for most of the distance.  I'd been putting off this stage, partially because of that, partially because it's the furthest from my home in Playa Blanca  but also because I've driven the route many times. Of course, walking it was totally different - you find hills you didn't know were there, and you get to see the seascape, which is pretty dramatic along there, because the NE trade winds blow straight onto the rocky shore. It looks like good surfing - except that the razor-sharp rocks would make it a little challenging!

At Orzola, I had my picture taken at the end of my "mission" then retired to a bar for a beer.

My companion then managed to snap her sunglasses (essential wear), but the bar owner provided some sellotape - the alternative would have been the schoolboy trick of using a sticking plaster!  There were some spectacular gardens, and views, as you can see here.

When we eventually got back to the car, we drove nearly all the way back to Orzola to one of my favourite beaches. The rocks go out in two arms to meet a barrier of more rocks about 200 metres out, which prevent the waves reaching the shore. They enclose a huge area of turquoise water only a few feet deep, over a completely clear, sandy bottom.   We had a refreshing swim in the warm water, before leaving for home, and the resumption of normal life.

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  1. You must have a great sense of achievement. Well done. Now you can start going all the way round again!